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CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) Certifications
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NETg and ProsoftTraining.com have partnered to co -develop interactive courses for the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Certification. ProsoftTraining.com provides vendor-neutral Internet skills certification programs which are designed to close the skills gap created by the rapid adoption of Internet technologies. The CIW Internet Skills program is aimed at job roles that are integral to the deployment of e-business solutions which include designing, developing, administering, securing, and supporting Internet- or intranet-related services. The CIW program is recognized and endorsed by the top three Internet professional associations: International Webmasters Association (IWA); Association of Internet Professionals (AIP); and the Internet Certification Institute International (ICII).

Certification exams are administered by Sylvan Prometric, a worldwide leader in professional skills testing and are available from any Authorized Prometric Testing Center (APTC) worldwide. The exams measure technical proficiency and establish a level of core competency required for certification. Call Sylvan Prometric at 1-800-380-EXAM to schedule your certification exam.

There are 4 Master CIW Tracks to choose from.

The CIW Associate certification is a prerequisite for all CIW Certifications.The first course required for any of the Master CIW Tracks is the Foundation or the INET+ Certification course.

After you pass the CIW Associate certification, you can choose from any of the following master tracks:

  1. Master CIW Track Administrator
    Administrating the Network Infrastructure. The CIW Administrator Track is composed of three series, each representing an Internet job role with its own exam
  2. Master CIW Track Enterprise Developer
    Programming for web development
  3. Master CIW Track Designer
    Graphic side of web development, the Master CIW Designer Track is composed of two series, Site Designer and e-Commerce Designer
  4. Master CIW Track Web Site Manager
    This is the newest certification, created for people who manage Web sites for small- and medium-sized organizations and people in larger enterprises whose responsibilities include extranet and intranet Web site management.

CIW Certified Internet WebMaster Training Certification Course Tutorials

Before selecting any of the 4 Master CIW tracks , you must pass the CIW Associate certification: Foundations/i-Net+
5 day series
CIW Exam 1D0-410 or i-Net Exam IK0-001

Master CIW Track

Master CIW Track Enterprise Developer

Master CIW Track

Master CIW Track
Web Site Manager

Server Administrator
CIW Exam 1D0-450

Web Languages
JavaScript Exam 1D0-437

CIW Site Designer
CIW Exam 1D0-420

Server Administrator
CIW Exam 1D0-450

Internetworking Professional
CIW Exam 1D0-460

Application Developer
CIW Exam 1D0-430

E-Commerce Designer
CIW Exam 1D0-425

Web Languages, JavaScript Fundamentals
CIW Exam 1D0-435

Security Professional
CIW Exam 1D0-470

Java Programming
Sun Certification Exam


Web Languages, PERL Fundamentals CIW Exam 1D0-437


Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
CIW Exam 1D0-438


Site Designer,
CIW Exam 1D0-420


DataBase Specialist
CIW Exam 1D0-441




Enterprise Specialist
CIW Exam 1D0-442




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